Remembering Jane Turner

In Loving Memory- Jane

Saying Goodbye

On Monday February 26th 2018 D.G. Meyer Inc. Accounting Office Manager Jane Turner  passed away after a long illness. She has served as a loyal and devoted employee of this company for decades, and will be very sorely missed.

Saying Goodbye to jane Turner
Jane Turner at DGM early 1990s

Jane’s first employment at D.G. Meyer Inc. was as a temporary receptionist in the late 1980s. On her first day, she announced to me that she wanted to become a permanent employee of the company. True to her words, in  September of 1990 she did join the staff and spent the next 28 years being as diligent and efficient an asset in the office as ever worked there. Her perfectionist tendencies secured her the trusted position in accounting, and she pursued her job with impeccable zeal. She was the undisputed queen in her Office, and garnered the respect (and sometimes fear) of her fellow workers.

It is impossible to really sum up the contribution of someone like Jane, and she will be impossible to ever really replace. Her contribution to the growth and success of D.G. Meyer Inc. will not be forgotten.

Memorial Services for Jane will be held on Friday, March the Second, 2018 at Lohman Funeral Homes  at 733 W. Granada Ave. in Ormond Beach from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

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