Signs of Spring in Daytona Beach

D.G. Meyer 2019 Bike Week Tee Shirt

How Do We Know Its Spring?

Because the streets, the restaurants and bars, the beaches, and everywhere else are filled with visitors from other cities, states and countries. Because in March, the air begins to vibrate with the thunder of motorcycle engines, and in some areas traffic comes to a complete standstill.

It is mid week now, and the official start of Bike Week is still a few days away. There is already a constant rumble as many motorcycles make their arrival in the area. Bike Week 2019 officially begins on Friday March 8th and lasts through Sunday March 17th. The stampede of iron horses always starts well before the actual event though. The bikers, and the multitudes who gather to ogle and spectate, are lured by the warmer southern climate and the holiday atmosphere the event generates.

How do you know its spring in Daytona Beach...
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Bike Week has a long and colorful history. The event actually dates back to the inaugural running of the Daytona 200 race in 1937 on a 3.2 mile beach track that was won by an Indian motorcycle. Today, the ten-day long festival is comprised of events and activities that span from north of Ormond Beach, south to New Smyrna.  Look no further than the Destination Daytona Complex just north of Ormond Beach, FL— a tribute to Harley Davidson and all things Motorcycle— to see just how seriously the Daytona Beach area takes Bike Week. Just don’t hurry if you head out that way, because the US1 corridor that leads to the complex is lined with businesses from bars to campgrounds that cater to the motorcycle crowd.

Several among the owners, office crew and employees of D.G. Meyer Inc. are or have been motorcyclists, and they remain avid fans of the sport and the event. The company also recognizes that events such as Bike Week are what keep the local economy healthy and growing.

In accordance with this interest in Bike Week and motorcycles, D.G. Meyer began having a commemorative tee-shirt printed to distribute among employees and friends back in 1994. This custom grew over the decades—these shirts have become a tradition and a staple of our year at the company, and a collector’s item among many of our friends and associates. Much has changed in the 25 years since that first tee shirt, but some things remain constant. All of the tee shirts have been pop culture works of art, and this year is no exception. See the complete line-up (including the two Biketoberfest issued shirts) on D.G. Meyer Spring Rites .

Check out the Official Bike Week Website for event calendars , guides, news and all things Bike Week!

Signs of Spring in Daytona Beach:
2019 D.G. Meyer Bike Week Tee Shirt

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