Daytona Beach Bike Week 2020

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The Rites of Spring in Daytona Beach

It’s that time of year again. Yes, spring of course, but in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida, this time of year means Motorcycles—lots of them. Probably 500,000 or more. The low rumble of them can be felt not just in the air, but through the ground itself during this ten day event. Official dates this year are from March 6th through March 15th (2020) though many arrive earlier or stay later.

For more than seven decades (seventy-nine years in 2020), motorcyclists from all over the country (and world), make the pilgrimage to attend what has been called “The Worlds Largest Motorcycle Event” in Daytona Beach. Though the early spring weather in Florida can be capricious, it is usually a pleasant break for winter weary travelers from more northerly climes. The event includes such activities as street festivals, live concerts, motorcycle races, bike shows, rallies and manufacturer showcases. Iconic destinations like Boot Hill, Full Moon and Iron Horse Saloons offer entertainment and live music. And a trip to Daytona Bike Weeks wouldn’t be complete without visiting Destination Daytona and Main Street or cruising the Loop north of Ormond Beach.

Official Logo Bike Week 2020

Continuing our own Tradition of printing a commemorative tee shirt to mark this event that is our yearly passage into spring, D.G. Meyer Inc. is distributing its twenty-sixth Bike Week Shirt this year. These go to staff and employees, family, friends and our extended business family around Daytona Beach and Central Florida. The tee shirts, a collectors item among many in the area, are distinctive and unique each year. In addition, as part of the October celebration of Biketoberfest, and our commitment to observing and participating in events for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we now do a Tee Shirt in the fall also. To see the complete line-up of these wearable works of art, go to  D.G. Meyer Spring Rites. We think you’ll agree that the designs just get more awesome every single year.

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