Completing First Baptist Daytona Beach

First Baptist Daytona Beach

First Baptist Relocation Project...

Building 2

Back in February of this year, we posted pictures and updates on the progress of this construction for the First Baptist Church new Tomoka Farms location.

First Baptist Building 2- February 2019
First Baptist Building 2- February 2019

Now, a bit over six months later, the final touches are being put on this ambitious project.

Soaring ceilings in dramatic black with custom metalwork, ample natural light and ultra modern fixtures lend a contemporary elegance to these amazing buildings.

Building 2 is meant to provide educational space for adults as well as a much larger space designated for the children’s ministry.

Grand Opening for these exciting new spaces are set for the weekend of October 26-October 27. See the First Baptist Website for more details.

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D.G. Meyer Inc. is proud to have been part of this project! Hope to see you soon with more job updates.

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