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Spring Cleaning for your HVAC System

Spring Cleaning

Don’t Let the Florida Summer Catch You Unprepared

This spring has lasted longer than usual for Florida and the weather has been so pleasant that it’s easy to forget how hard the AC system is going to have to work just a few weeks from now. Take the opportunity these late spring days present to make certain that your HVAC system is working at peak efficiency. Check your filter— it likely is in need of being replaced or cleaned. The filter should be changed every three months at the minimum, and more during hot, dry weather. Our spring here, with the heavy load of pollen in the air, and dust from the frequently windy weather, will quickly clog an air filter. A clogged AC filter can significantly reduce air flow, increasing the amount of time your system has to run, putting undo stress on the air conditioner’s internal components.

Now is a good time to notice how your thermostat is doing as well. If it is an older model, consider replacing it with a new digital one to more accurately represent temperature levels. Take a look at your duct-work, or have a reliable contractor do so. Leaking or dirty ducts can cost you big money.

Regular maintenance and inspection will keep your HVAC System in tip-top condition. Now, before the busy summer season is full upon us, is the time to call D.G. Meyer, Inc. and ask about our Residential Energy Saving Agreement. Let us provide your AC system with a complete precision tune-up and a professional semi-annual check, to be sure that you are getting the most from your energy dollars. Call us at (386) 253-7774 or Contact Us to make an appointment or for more information.


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