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Sales Fleet and Representatives
Sales Fleet and Representatives

D.G. Meyer Residential Sales Department

Our Residential Sales Department is staffed by two full time Sales Representatives and a Sales Coordinator.

Bob Colella-- Residential Sales Manager
Bob Colella
Residential Sales Manager

Sales Representatives are available seven days a week. Their schedules are flexible in order to arrange appointments convenient to you. The staff acknowledges that many customers are employed and busy.  Accommodating our clients by arranging to meet in the evenings or during the weekend is part of the job. After all,  the D.G. Meyer reputation is built on providing outstanding service. Typically, when you call for an estimate or with a question, you will be transferred to the Sales Coordinator.  He will ask for basic information such as your name, address, and phone number. You may also be  questioned about your existing system and home construction. This information will enable the Sales Representative to be better prepared when he contacts you in regard to rebates, utility incentives, equipment needs etc.

Christopher Meyer Sales Representative Click photo to find Chris on Facebook!
Christopher Meyer
Sales Representative
Click photo to find Chris on Facebook!

A Sales Representative will contact you, in a timely manner, to arrange an appointment at your convenience. While some customers ask for a “ballpark” phone estimate, this is not always practical or accurate. A site inspection is required to assure the correct size unit is quoted and the existing ductwork, electrical connections and related components and equipment are adequate and up to code.

Wes Wojcik-- Sales Representative
Wes Wojcik Sales Representative

The Sales Representative will discuss your needs, expectations, warranties and concerns. You will then be presented with a firm quote, offering several choices, if you so desire. After an agreement is reached, the equipment will be ordered, a permit pulled and an installation date set and confirmed


D. G. Meyer’s knowledgeable Sales Team—

  • Sales Coordinator: Robert Colella
  •  Sales Representative: Chris Meyer grew up in the air conditioning business and brings over 20 years of experience and insight to the table. He is the recipient of the Lennox 2013 Retail Comfort Advisor Award.
  • Sales Representative: Wes Wojcik has 20 + years selling systems meeting the needs and wants of a wide variety of installations.

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