HVAC Maintenance

One of the most important things you can do as a homeowner to safeguard your heating and cooling system is to have it regularly maintained. A routinely and well maintained system will not only perform at peak efficiency, it will be much less likely to break down. Avoiding the inconvenience and expense of an unexpected service call is only one aspect of the money-saving advantages of regular maintenance.

Since the cost of heating and cooling your home make up more than half of the typical utility bill, it is wise and cost effective to safeguard that system as much as possible. Accumulations of dust and dirt decrease the efficiency and reliability of your system. And when it is not functioning effectively, the unit has to work harder, often resulting in erratic air temperatures.

Service TechNot only can regular maintenance save you a good deal of money on utility bills, but you are also often rewarded by the extended life of your system. A well maintained heating and cooling system may last  three to five years longer than one which is neglected. Also, many manufacturers require that routine maintenance is performed in order to meet the specifications of their warranties.

It just makes sense to maintain equipment that represents a major expense, both in initial purchase and in continued use.