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Happy Independence Day 2018

Happy Independence Day

Wishing Everyone a Safe July 4th

Happy Independence Day from DGM

While you enjoy the cook-outs, family get-togethers, beach, fireworks and other festivities of this week’s  holiday , take the  time to reflect on why we Still celebrate Independence Day after more than 240 years as a nation. July 4th is so much more than just a holiday to break up the summer doldrums. It is the time to look back on the people and the events that made this country free, and brought us the blessings and prosperity that we are favored with today.

Be Safe as You Celebrate.

  • Remember to handle fireworks and sparklers with respect.
  • Be aware of fire hazards, and keep a safe distance from lit fireworks.
  • Supervise children closely, and never let them light sparklers.
  • Keep a supply of water nearby as a precaution.
  • If grilling, be careful and heed all safety precautions. Make sure kids and pets stay away from the grill.
  • Be mindful of the Florida heat as you play outdoors this week (and all summer). Protect your skin from the sun, stay hydrated and seek shade if you begin to feel light-headed or dizzy.
  •  Plan ahead in the event of lightning and storms, which are very common in the afternoon and evenings this time of year. Make certain shelter is available.

From the D.G. Meyer Inc. family to yours—wishing everyone a very Safe and Fun July Fourth Holiday!

Spring Cleaning—Don’t Neglect Your HVAC System

Don't Neglect Your HVAC System

Don't Neglect Your HVAC System

Coming Soon—A Long, Hot Summer

It’s been an extended, mostly cool spring season in Central Florida this year. Though the air conditioning may be running on these warm afternoons, it really hasn’t been called upon to work very hard just yet.

You know it’s coming though. Another hot, steamy Florida summer. The season when you break into a sweat walking out to your car in the morning, the interlude that drives people into the air-conditioned sanctuaries of their homes and cars, and makes them daydream of beaches and pools.  In the not too distant future, that lazily purring HVAC system will have to shift into overdrive to deliver the cool air we all crave.

Take some time now to make certain that everything is running at top efficiency. This is the time to make certain that the filter is new or cleaned.  A dirty or clogged filter makes the air conditioner work harder, and can cause the air compressor to break down. Additionally, keep in mind that your machine has to be able to breathe.  Check to see if there are any shrubs or debris too near the outdoor unit and get rid of them if need be.

While you’re in spring cleaning/cleanup mode is a good time to notice how your thermostat is doing. If it is an older model, you may consider replacing it with a new digital one to more accurately represent temperature levels. Take a look at your ductwork, or have a reliable contractor do so. Leaking or dirty ducts can cost you big money.

Don’t put off any needed maintenance or upgrades until the heat truly sets in. We are approaching the busiest time of year for AC company installers and service technicians. You don’t want to be caught with a broken down or malfunctioning unit, and a long wait for repair or replacement.

Regular maintenance and inspection will keep your HVAC System in tip-top condition.  So show your HVAC some Love! Call or Contact us here at D.G. Meyer Inc. for service or repair today



Spring Fever in Daytona Beach

D.G. Meyer Logo in Blue

Race Cars and  Motorcycles—Spring Breakers and Snowbirds

It might be late winter in most of the country, but in Central Florida we can start calling it Spring from anytime in Mid-January through May. It is a changeable season here, and this year saw our coldest weather in years. But the cold never lingers for too long before sunny skies and balmy breezes herald the coming Spring.

Deland Nissan- (2) New 20 ton Carrier split systems with fabric duct.
Deland Nissan- (2) New 20 ton Carrier split systems with fabric duct.

We had an early interval of very warm temperatures, causing local residents to start thinking about their Air Conditioning. Just when it seemed we had skipped right from winter to summer, changeable March arrived ‘like a lion’ with a nor’easter that plunged those erstwhile warm  temperatures and churned the ocean, causing the surf to rise up to from 7 to 12 feet.  Sunny skies and dry weather, as well as the weather reports on our northerly neighbors, take the edge of this cool change.

While Winter is the slow season “up” north, the migration of Canadians and others who live in cold and often snowbound areas begins early in the year. It is a popular time for foreign travelers also. Our population swells and traffic slows down. Car racing starts in late January,  and February echoes with the deep rumble of stock cars circling the famous Daytona International Speedway.  The Races, culminating with the Daytona 500 are some of the busiest weeks of the year here.

By March, the roar of Harley’s begins to fill the air even though Bike Week doesn’t officially begin until March 9th (through March 18th). Motorcycles and Spring Breakers will overlap this month. For the next few weeks—merchants, food and drink establishment and other service industries will be celebrating this lucrative season—sightseers, tourists and many locals will enjoy the show—and all of us will fight traffic snarls and crowds in our daily routines.

D.G. Meyer Inc. has released this year’s Bike Week Commemorative Tees and they are as aesthetically pleasing as ever. To see the complete gallery of past  Bike Week Tee Shirts go to this link:  D.G. Meyer Spring Rites— 25 Years of Bike Week Tee Shirts

Have an enjoyable Florida spring!

Remembering Jane Turner

Saying Goodbye- Jane Turner

Saying Goodbye

In Loving Memory- Jane

On Monday February 26th 2018 D.G. Meyer Inc. Accounting Office Manager Jane Turner  passed away after a long illness. She has served as a loyal and devoted employee of this company for decades, and will be very sorely missed.

Saying Goodbye to jane Turner
Jane Turner at DGM early 1990s

Jane’s first employment at D.G. Meyer Inc. was as a temporary receptionist in the late 1980s. On her first day, she announced to me that she wanted to become a permanent employee of the company. True to her words, in  September of 1990 she did join the staff and spent the next 28 years being as diligent and efficient an asset in the office as ever worked there. Her perfectionist tendencies secured her the trusted position in accounting, and she pursued her job with impeccable zeal. She was the undisputed queen in her Office, and garnered the respect (and sometimes fear) of her fellow workers.

It is impossible to really sum up the contribution of someone like Jane, and she will be impossible to ever really replace. Her contribution to the growth and success of D.G. Meyer Inc. will not be forgotten.

Memorial Services for Jane will be held on Friday, March the Second, 2018 at Lohman Funeral Homes  at 733 W. Granada Ave. in Ormond Beach from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.



Customer Spotlight—Gary Yeomans

Gary Yeoman's Honda Dealership Coming Soon

Local Businessman Investing in Our Community

Gary Yeoman's Honda Dealership Coming Soon

Gary Yeomans and D.G. Meyer Inc. are happy to be cooperating on yet another project at the Daytona Auto Mall. The mutually lucrative relationship between Mr. Yeomans and DGM has spanned decades now.  Don Meyer, founder of DGM,  and Gary Yeomans were close friends as well as being one another’s long time customers and business associates.

D.G. Meyer has bought the majority of their Fleet vehicles from Gary Yeomans through the years—from Ford trucks of several models to the economical commercial Transits and these days the popular Nissan Cargo vans. And D.G. Meyer Inc.’s Commercial Division has been a contractor on numerous projects with this local icon. As one of the movers and shakers of the Daytona Auto Mall, Gary Yeomans has been a driving force for the expansion and development of what is quickly becoming the fastest growing business corridor in Daytona Beach.

The LPGA hub, from Clyde Morris Blvd. , including the Williamson intersection and crossing I-95 gives access to the Auto Mall off of Tomoka Farms Road. What was once undeveloped countryside is quickly becoming the new business Mecca for this area.  Getting in on the ground floor of what, when it first opened in November 2001, was a novel approach for our area, to selling cars, allowed Gary Yeomans to keep expanding while remaining in the same convenient, customer friendly, area.

Coming Soon—Gary Yeomans Honda