The First Day of Fall

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Greeting Autumn in Central Florida

Greeting Autumn in Central Florida Along our stretch of beach-side paradise, the seasons turn slowly and reluctantly for the most part. The only noticeable difference we will see during the early weeks of fall are lengthening afternoon shadows, and a drop in humidity—if we are lucky.  Still, the calendar tells us that autumn arrives today, and like most folks, it makes us think of shorter, cooler days, holidays approaching, and pumpkin lattes. With the passage […]

Waiting For Irma—September 2017

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Preparing For Another Hurricane With a monster storm bearing down on the Southeastern United States, and scheduled to very likely impact Central Florida Sunday night and Monday morning, D. G. Meyer will be closing tomorrow, Friday September 8th, at noon.   This will allow our employees to be with their families and either make preparations for Irma’s arrival or evacuate the area if that is their plan. During this difficult period, our prayers and best […]

Relax… Enjoy the Last Long Summer Weekend

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Happy Labor Day Weekend

Happy Labor Day! Seems like everywhere we look lately (except out our own front doors!) there are signs of the season changing. While the stores and media seem to encourage us otherwise, we live in Florida, and we Know that fall is not in the air here. So lets not rush things. There are still three weeks of summer left on the calendar and weeks (months?) left on our southern thermometers. Relax this weekend, enjoy […]