AC — Muddling Through the Summer Heat

Worries, Woes and What To Do When Temperatures Rise!

Summer Sun

It’s Summer in Florida— so it’s a little hot, right. Well, maybe it is a lot hot! Temperatures began to  soar even before the calendar officially declared it to be Summer, and places all over Central Florida have already experienced near record heat. Since our hottest months traditionally, are yet to come, Floridians have nothing to look forward to but more hot weather. With more than one utility reporting that they set an all-time power use peak on Monday this week, its time to look at our energy usage and what we can expect from our cooling systems this Summer.

To maintain your unit at top efficiency, this is the time to make certain that the filter is new or cleaned.  A dirty or clogged filter makes the air conditioner work harder, and can cause the air compressor to break down. Additionally, keep in mind that your machine has to be able to breathe. If there are any shrubs or debris near the outdoor unit, get rid of them.

Most  HVAC systems in use today are not able to provide very cool temperatures when it gets above the mid-nineties outside. Be sensible. Set your thermostat on a temperature that is realistic in this very hot weather. Even with an efficient and well running AC, there will be areas that don’t have vents in prime locations and you may find that the AC just isn’t providing the cooling you need. Use fans (ceiling fans if you have them—remember to set your ceiling fans for summer to Spin Counterclockwise) to keep air circulating throughout your home. Or use portable room fans—these are a great solution because, being easy to move around, you can use them in different areas throughout the day or set them up in the rooms you are occupying.

Keep doors and windows shut. If windows are open, or doors are constantly being opened and closed,  cool air inside your home escapes, and it becomes extremely difficult to keep your home cool and comfortable. It’s a good idea to check the seals on windows and doors, as constant leakage of air-conditioned air is costly. During the heat of the day, it is also an excellent idea to shut any curtains or blinds that allow direct sunlight inside. This causes significant indoor heating. Don’t forget also, that the use of some appliances, notably, the oven or stove and washer/dryer produce a good deal of heat and impact how well your AC is working.  Even things like the microwave and toaster have some effect. Do laundry early if possible, and plan meals that use the least amount of energy during peak heat.

Summer Heat

These measures, and other things, like planning landscaping to take advantage of the shade properties of trees, etc., will not only help your HVAC system function more efficiently, but save you money on service and utility bills. Keeping in mind the limitations of your Air Conditioning and the outdoor temperature, if you feel that your unit is not functioning effectively, call us at D.G. Meyer, Inc. (386-253-7774)  or Contact our Service Department for an appointment. This is a very busy time of year for us, but we are available 24/7 and will get to you as quickly as is possible.


A Busy Year for D.G. Meyer, Inc.

Completed Eagle Landing Project

Thanks to all Our Loyal Customers

Completed Eagle Landing Project
Streetview of Eagle Landing Units.

2015 is being a very good year for us at D.G. Meyer, Inc. The construction industry in Central Florida is most certainly on the upswing. Our company has already completed  numerous projects this year, and is busily engaged in quite a few others.

Pictured at left are the lovely new Eagle Landing Apartments in Daytona Beach. With four apartment buildings and a clubhouse, using a total of 148 HVAC systems and dryer/bath venting as well, this job has been a large undertaking.

See a gallery of job-site photos from the start of the project in February on our Residential Contractor Page.

Nissan Dealership Daytona Beach, FL
Nissan Dealership in the Daytona Auto Mall under construction.

Another job we are proud to call completed is the new Nissan Dealership at Daytona Auto Mall. Several members of our staff were happy to attend the Grand Opening last month (May 2015).

It is wonderful to be so busy and productive, and that is due to our customers. We thank you all for your trust, for your continued belief in us, and for your business. Daytona Beach is a great hometown.